Food Talks

4 Nov

Today the Pittsburgh group shared their favorite foods with each other. Not literally, that is. Before drawing, painting and sculpting different foods, we brainstormed:

1. List your favorite foods. When do you eat them? Who do you eat them with?

2. I used to eat _____, but I do not eat it anymore. Now I eat ______, but I did not used to before. (Explain why)

3. Who cooks the food you eat? Where do you get the ingredients or meals from?

Asia paints her favorite foods!

Asia’s favorite food was rice with some sort of green leaf. She could not remember the name of the leaf, because she used to eat it in Africa but can not remember the name anymore. Instead, she decided to write rice with halal beef, something she eats in America. Below is the painting she was working on of some of her favorite foods:

Chicken Leg, Pizza, Rice

Binti and I worked on a Pizza. We rolled the clay like dough, kneading it, throwing it, tossing it and preparing the base! Then I cut out mushrooms and we created chicken for it. We both usually eat cheese pizza, but twice she ordered chicken, so we made mushroom chicken pizza for fun!

Binti's Special Mushroom Chicken Pizza


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