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A note to Ahmed, from Hawa

29 Mar

Hi Ahmed!

My name is Hawa, and America is beautiful at night. I take Social Studies, Math, Reading, and Science. Some of the classrooms are big, but not all of them.

The city that I live in is Pittsburgh. I’m 13 years old. I would like to be a lawyer, because I am really good at writing and good at sharing ideas with people. Yes, I do get high-school advice and I won a scholarship for college!

I’m a Muslim that loves education and, by the way, aslam malako. I really enjoy Pittsburgh – it is fun, but I want to come back to my homeland in Africa, which is Kenya.




Hi from Wa’ays in Nijmegen!

15 Mar



I am Wa’ays, a twelve year old boy. My hobbies are soccer and playing outside. I would like to get to know you.  I am from Somalia. At school I am working on many things. Geopgraphie, Dutch, Grammar, History,, Biology, Maths, Drawing, Tinkering etc. I also have friends: Jordi, Jacob, Eludin, Ufuk and Betien.

What I like most is playing soccer with my friend. And I am brown-coloured just as you are. I like to play sports. I like the color red. My favourite food is pizza, and pasta.



Hi from Falastin

15 Mar



My name is Falastin. I am from Somalia. My hobbies are drawing, swimming and singing. I live in Nijmegen. I am eleven years old and my birthday is on the elevent of april. My favourite food is spinach and pizza. I am doing this project to get to know you better.


Xxx Falastin