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Hi!!! to Daryo from Asia

8 Apr


My name is Asia U. I am a Muslim and I am thirteen. I love to play soccer. Math is my favorite subject. I also play basketball, but my favorite sport is soccer. I love my family the most. I live in Pittsburgh. I moved from Houston, Texas, but I lived in Africa in Somalia. I have many incredible friends. Would you want to by my friend? If yes, that’s great! And, if you are Muslim – Asalam-Aliykum!! If you don’t know what it means, it means Peace upon you!!! bye!!


Our friends in the Netherlands!

17 Feb

Today we will introduce you to the other side of the exchange project. You have started to get to know our Pittsburgh side, but here is more about our Nijmegen side! This post will focus on the project facilitators and instructors in Nijmegen… so,



Daryo says Hello from Nijmegen!

My name is Daryo. Together with Anne and Tamara I am teaching eight Somalian children in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). We are helping them with their Dutch reading in understanding problems. Four of eight kids wrote letters so far [featured in the following posts].  Some of them asked  questions, others are just very curious about who you are, where you live and how you are doing. These kids are aged from ten till eleven.

Kind regards from the Netherlands,


[Daryo is our English-Dutch translator extraordinaire for the project in addition to helping facilitate the project with his lovely students!]

Thank you Daryo, Anne, and Tamara! We appreciate your collaboration with us here in Pittsburgh and we cannot wait to respond to your letters!,

Anne says Hello from Nijmegen!

Tamara says Hello from Nijmegen!

Love from the Pittsburgh crew.