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A letter to Falastin, from Hamiso

9 May

Hi Falastin!


My name is Hamiso. I am from Kenya. I am 14 years old. My hobbies are playing soccer, reading and playing volleyball. I also enjoy school. My favorite subject is reading, science, social studies, and gym is my most favorite subject in school. I am a Muslim – Asalaam Malekum, and it was niec to meet you, Falastin!



Some Artwork from Pittsburgh

26 Apr

Mariah created lots of prints while the crew wrote letters!Spreading the message to Recycle through the use of stencils and paint! And symmetrical forms, created by folding the paper in half and cutting into it!

A note to Ahmed, from Hawa

29 Mar

Hi Ahmed!

My name is Hawa, and America is beautiful at night. I take Social Studies, Math, Reading, and Science. Some of the classrooms are big, but not all of them.

The city that I live in is Pittsburgh. I’m 13 years old. I would like to be a lawyer, because I am really good at writing and good at sharing ideas with people. Yes, I do get high-school advice and I won a scholarship for college!

I’m a Muslim that loves education and, by the way, aslam malako. I really enjoy Pittsburgh – it is fun, but I want to come back to my homeland in Africa, which is Kenya.



GigaPan inside the Classroom!

5 Dec

After trying the GigaPan last week outdoors in the park, we decided for this week we would use it inside of the classroom! We started the day off working on storyboards (which will be featured in a separate post). The storyboards illustrated a typical day at school. What we enjoy as well as what we dislike. How do you reconcile the things you wish to do, with the things you don’t like to? The PGH crew talked about why they enjoyed certain topics in school, and certain activities more than others.

Towards the end of the class, we had time to work on some large scale paintings and ideas. The students spread out with large paper and cardboard and got to work. Meanwhile, the gigapan happily shot away capturing each bit of it.

The button pusher that had been disconnected for the previous week was again connected. At least, at first…  Somehow the mystery of the faulty button pusher continued and stopped working mid-photo taking. Luckily, I have perfectly capable fingers to help the robot out! Working together with this genius robot, we bring you these two GigaPans.



Isn’t it silly sometimes the way we are collaged within the GigaPan. When posing for the robot, you can choose to stand still, or purposefully move about so as to appear in multiple frames of the same photo. Sometimes I direct the students where to stand, and other times its a free for all of how many times they can get into the same photo. I try to let them know when they appear or not in the frame. We help each other set up the shot and its boundaries.

Here are some close up shots used for the overall stitch: 

Clothing and Fashion

15 Nov

This past week we created our own paper dolls. Inspired by a website  promoting fashion through paper doll models, we took their example and created our own.

Here are some of the questions we discussed and answered:

“Why do you wear what you wear? Do you like to? Do you wish you could wear something different? If you could wear anything, what would you wear?”

The following question got some very unexpected answers:

“What is your favorite thing to wear?” Answers ranged from “all clothes” to “dresses” to “Polo brand” and even to wearing a “phone”, by clipping your cellphone onto your pants. Why not include technology, if after all, you wear it?

Trayvon poses with his paper fashion creation!

Close up of Trayvon's paper fashion creation!

Trayvon modeled his paper fashion based off the outfit he was already wearing. He included his favorite colors and explained that he loves all of the clothes in his drawers and closet and wears the first thing he pulls out. He has a lot of options, because he gets clothing from his siblings. He modeled the hair after popular tv-show Dragon Ball Z. Although, he doesn’t have this hairstyle in real life, he got to “try it on” with his paper creation and show what he might like to have instead, even if that hairstyle is somewhat impossible.

Mariah shows off her fashion creation!

Mariah posed with the outfit she created for her paper doll. She chose to create a “fashionable T, with a long skirt and hat”. Mariah happened to be sporting her purple finger accessory for the photo, which matches her purple shirt. The purple finger represents Mariah’s sillier side. She chose to design her drawing based on fashion she likes and would wear.

Binti and Hamiso model their fashion of the day

Binti and Hamiso decided for their picture, they would show us the “Binti and Hamiso: Original Dress Ware” as they titled it. They both like to wear skirts and dresses. Binti explained, “we wear this, because of our religion”. They posed with Malachi’s paper doll in the right corner. His doll sported a t-shirt and pants, just like him.

Binti's paper fashion creation

Binti expressed in her drawing things that her clothes do not normally express. It brings the phrase, “wearing your heart on your sleeve” to a whole new level. She said she would never wear this in real life, but her doll doesn’t have to follow the same rules as she. Just like Trayvon, her doll wore things that she could not.

Hamiso's paper fashion creation

Similarly, Hamiso designed an outfit that she would never wear either. Her paper doll sported her ideas about fashion in manifestations that she does not wear. Just like Binti and Trayvon, she decided to design an idea from her imagination, rather than represent her true clothing style and choices.

What is your favorite thing to wear? Why do you wear it? If you could wear anything, what would it be? Show us what you wear, and what it means to you!